Why cosplayers love to use Zentai to cosplay

Why cosplayers love to use Zentai to cosplay?

Zentai refers to a very skin-tight garment that covers the whole body. The word Zentaiis actually a portmanteau. It is made by combining the words Zenshin Taitsu which means full bodysuits. Generally made of spandex and nylon, these suits are breathable and make for great superhero costumes. As such, cosplayers use Zentaia lot. Want to know more about why Zentai is so popular in the cosplay community? Read on below:


  • Perfect for Spiderman costumes

Zentai full bodysuits are perfect for cosplaying as one of the most popular superheroes of all time- Spiderman. There is no need to go looking for a full-body suit that comes with a head covering thanks to Zentai. All cosplayers need to do in such a situation is to draw the Spiderman design on the Zentai suit.

  • Makes cosplaying cheaper

It’s not easy to make a costume. There’s a lot of time and money, which cosplayers have to invest to look like their favourite character. But having Zentaireduces the cost as well as effort drastically. After all, these cheap but well-made bodysuits can be used to cosplay a variety of characters.

  • Available in various colours

Want to cosplay as Spiderman? Then you will need a red Zentai. Want to cosplay as the green Teletubby? Then you will need a green Zentai. No matter what colour you need, you will find the Zentai of your want. There are even fluorescent and gold Zentais for use as well. The best part is that these full bodysuits are available in various kinds of thickness as well. So you can choose the one which suits your cosplay needs.

  • Lightweight

One of the major benefits of wearing Zentai is that it is lightweight. You will find that you can wear it with ease without feeling like you are carrying a huge load on your back. This makes it possible for you to wear it for long hours at a time without breaking a sweat. Want to carry it in your bag? That is possible as well. In fact, you can fold, it really small and put it in your bag. It will occupy less space as well.

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  • Breathable

No matter how thick a Zentai you choose, it will always be breathable. So you can wear it for long hours while cosplaying without facing any difficulty. This feature will be really useful when you will be at a convention with hundreds of other people. After all, if you can’t breathe properly, then you will surely suffocate in that hot environment and faint soon.

  • No one can recognize you

With the help of Zentai, you will be able to take part in various conventions without anyone ever knowing about your real face. This will give you the anonymity you desire while allowing you to play out your fantasies and make friends with people who share your interests.

  • Soft on the skin

One of the major benefits of Zentai for cosplayers is that it is soft so there will be no rashes on your skin. Not to mention the fact that it will not irritate your skin in any way. You can use it and wear it without worrying about wearing anything underneath to get a barrier between the Zentaiand your skin.

  • High durability

These full-body suits are very durable as well. Once you buy one, it will last you for years, even after repeated use. So you can rest assured be able to use it again and again after washing it. It won’t wear or tear easily at all. This will ensure that you don’t have to repeatedly invest in new ways to cosplay your character every year.

So Zentai comes with a lot of properties that will help any cosplayer. These full bodysuits are soft and breathable which makes it easy and comfortable to wear these bodysuits. Note that these Zentais will give you the anonymity you need to attend the conventions you want as your favourite character. Not to mention the fact that these suits are cheap but highly durable as well. All in all, with the help of Zentais you will have great fun cosplaying the character you love for a long time.