New Surprise to Unfold With Thor 4 Love and Thunder

New Surprise to Unfold With Thor 4: Love and Thunder

Thor is a very well-known character and loved by all. How can we ignore the God of thunder? The Marvels Universe has given us many superheroes and Thor is one of them. His life and story inspired all of us and somewhere we loved the relationship between the real world and Norse Mythology.

Avenger’s fans cannot wait any longer to watch their superhero once again in the solo movie. The internet is flooded with the news of the new upcoming movie and we cannot wait any longer. For all the fans who loved him and admired the thunder God, we have more surprises for you. The news of Thor 4: Love and Thunder have already amazed us but there are more to know about.

Get ready for a familiar face

thor and lady thor

It has been confirmed that the shooting is complete for Thor 4: Love and Thunder. Waititi will appear once again as Korg. We are very acquainted with his character and loved everything about him. He has last appeared in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Korg has a rocky look and his head hang above him. We have seen two different belts of Korg in the two movies; let’s wait for his new costume in the upcoming movie. The magical Norse goat is about to appear on the silver screen once again. Will he be the most powerful animal in the film? Can we expect Korg to lead the mythological animals?

The Goddess of Thor 4: Love and Thunder

thor 4 new look

The chemistry between Jane Foster and Thor Odinson has amazed us. We always hoped to see the couples together. The moment, when fans were expecting to see the love birds happy ever after; the directors of this movie have some different plans – Goddess of the Thunder will be introduced in the next sequel of Thor 4. Female Thor, Love and Thunder will feature our own favourite Jane Foster will be the Goddess of Thunder. What amazing news it is right? We cannot wait to see our lady Thor fighting with the enemies and her flawless beauty outshining everyone.

Lady thor cosplay by Adi

Will Hemsworth appear in a new look?

The God of Thunder has an exotic look but this time we will have a different picture of him. In which look do you want to see your favourite superhero? Thor 4: Love and Thunder might give you another surprise with the God of Thunder. He can appear as an 80’s rock star. Many pictures have been circulated on the internet of Hemsworth wearing the costume of the 80s. What about blue jeans and a white t-shirt? We can expect some big twists and turns from the movie. Is there any scene from the late 80s that may come live this time? How many secrets will be revealed once again?

thor love and thunder new look cosplay

What about the spaceship from Guardians of the Galaxy?

Does one picture portray Thor and Waititi standing on a spaceship? How Thor 4: Love and Thunder can relate to the spaceship? The extraterrestrial vessel looks like Benetar from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Can we expect some scenes based on that movie? Last time we witnessed Thor set off with spacecraft at the end of Endgames. It is very difficult to assume anything but Avenger fans never get bored with the spice-ups. Let us keep our fingers crossed and expect the touch of Endgame in Thor 4.

Cameo of a dead character?

Thor is one of the craziest movies of MCU. This movie has featured many characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy film as well. The sequels of Thor have impressed us in the past year but that is not the end. Because this film will feature many celebrity cameos more than any other Marvel Studios film. Heimdall will be in Thor 4: Love and Thunder. His character might be brought back from death. Let us hope for his bigger role in the movie once again.

female lady thor love and thunder new look cosplay

The new villain of Thor 4

Will there be a new villain in Thor 4: Love and Thunder? Who is this Gorr the God Butcher? It is predicted that he will be the main villain of Thor 4. Our superhero will face the powerful Butcher. The character of the antagonist has been adopted from the comic book. We can be prepared for some real action and full-on combats between the two. Will Thor be able to face Gorr? Will there be any end to this evilness?

Let’s keep the box unopened and wait for the release. After all, are based on predictions? There are many fan theories and many ideas must come to your mind? What to do next? Well, you can plan a real good movie day with the other fans.